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The‭ ‬‮ ‬chicken industry grows two different breeds‭:‬

1‭.‬ The broilers which are optimized to provide as much meat as possible‭. ‬‮ ‬

2. The layers which are optimized to lay as many eggs as possible‭.‬‬


In ‬modern-day poultry farming, ‬the layer males are useless:‬

They cannot grow up to lay eggs, ‬and they are not the fast-growing breeds

that are sold as poultry‭.‬


So every year, the layer chicken industry disposes of 8 billion day old male chicks.

This practice is not only ugly, but also very expensive.


our solution

eggXYt‮ ‬‭‬is developing‮ ‬the ULTRASOUND for eggs

 We are building eggXYt, a global leader in revolutionizing hatcheries and making them a better place.

We do this by developing a technology that enables sex detection of chick embryos immediately after the eggs are laid and before they enter the 21 day incubation process.




We are saving the lives of over 8,000,000,000 chicks a year by preventing their unnecessary incubation.


We are saving the industry hundreds of millions of

dollars annually by not needing to waste half of their hatching capacity in order to pay people at the end of the hatchery line to identify and kill male chicks.


We are adding over 8,000,000,000 eggs a year to the global food supply by sending the non-incubated male eggs to the food market.


who we are


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Executive Business Partner

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At eggXYt, we believe in creating a sustainable future for the livestock industry and for our planet. We are building technologies that are solving significant social and environmental challenges. Every day, our team strives to advance our R&D and commercialization of our solutions to meet these challenges.

We are now searching for an Executive Business Partner to the CEO; one who prides themselves with impeccable attention to detail, is voraciously passionate about execution, and loves streamlining communication and processes to maximize effectiveness.

Directly reporting to and working hand-in-hand with Yehuda Elram, our Co-founder and CEO, the Executive Business Partner will be one of the most strategic roles in our organization. The ideal candidate will demonstrate strategic thinking and an ability to develop new (and run existing) project management and organizational systems; shows empathy and poise; has no problem speaking “truth to power;” is obsessively detail-oriented and enjoys both the research of and the implementation of tasks; and is a team player in every way. 

  • Provide strategic guidance to ensure that the CEO has the time, resources, and materials needed to accomplish his goals.

  • Communicate regularly with the CEO.

  • Interface with the administrative assistant.

  • Schedule meetings and manage complex calendars for the CEO.

  • Travel with CEO when requested and appropriate.

  • Keep the CEO organized with meeting materials and immediate priorities (who needs what by when); this includes inbox management, and task management and follow-up, and communication/response strategies.

  • Monitor and help manage the CEO’s email inbox; responding, organizing, and escalating priority messages when appropriate.

  • Research, identify, and organize extensive lists of prospective investors, partners, entrepreneurs, etc., and reach out to them directly on behalf of the CEO to schedule meetings and extend relevant invitations.

  • Help to organize, plan, and manage events and gatherings when requested by the CEO.

  • Manage travel schedule and arrange all of the CEO’s travel in accordance with his preferences and schedule.

  • When requested, sit in on meetings with the CEO and take detailed notes, as well as communicate and manage follow up from all parties involved.

  • Help manage relationships with eggXYt Board of Directors and Advisory Boards on behalf of the CEO (ensuring quarterly calls and annual meetings are planned in advance, taking notes and sending out minutes after meetings, keeping board members up to date.

  • Prepare and submit expense reports in accordance with our accounting practices on behalf of CEO.

  • Be responsible for the preparation and submission of applications to grants, competitions and other competitive opportunities.

  • Manage the response to media & website inquiries.

  • Manage and the company’s digital presence through its social media outlets its website.

  • Liaison between the CEO and the operations executive. 



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Who we're looking for
  • You are excited to work with us at our R&D facility in Jerusalem and our offices in Tel-Aviv.

  • You think and operate strategically. You are responsible for prioritization and planning. We are looking for someone who is three steps ahead of the CEO, constantly anticipating problems and fixing them before they occur—then fixing them again when everything changes.

  • You are always on time with everything you do.

  • You’re curious and passionate about Bio and data-driven technologies and strive to work with a team that is oriented around a mission of solving pressing global challenges.

  • You demonstrate courage and optimism. You use excellent communication skills to gain the context necessary to perform tasks, and you adopt a can-do attitude. You are unfazed and adaptable in the face of change.

  • You recognize what’s most important to tackle, in what order, and are prepared to make informed, independent decisions.

  • You take pride in accuracy and professionalism. You show great attention to detail, thoroughness, and follow-through; you believe that when work is done well, the magic is in the details.

  • You don’t hesitate to speak truth to power. If the CEO is falling behind on key priorities or not being as effective as possible when strategy demands it, you will not hesitate to tell him that he needs to self-correct. You are candid, honest, and kind in your feedback, but you do not hold back.

  • You are a trusted confidant. In this role you will have access to more sensitive and important information about our company.

  • You believe deeply in the importance of transparent and honest communication in what you write, how you interact with your team, and by always following up and following through on your word.

  • You are not the type of person who says, “That’s not my job."

  • You are willing to work flexible hours, and you understand that this comes with working with an entrepreneurial CEO who is often working from international time zones.

  • You don’t hesitate to ask for help when it is needed and before it is too late.

  • You consider yourself an:

    • Expert in Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Gmail

    • Expert or a very quick learner on CRM platforms

    • Expert or a very quick learner on task management platforms (such as Asana)

    • Super comfortable with social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter)

    • Familiar or a very quick learner on Wix

    • Highly proficient in Microsoft Office

    • High English proficiency both in writing and orally

  • You have excellent communication skills (both written and verbal).

  • You have a high digital orientation.

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